Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 21:24:38 -0100
From: Henriette Kress <HeK.HETTA.PP.FI>
Subject: Re: books - don't buy Tyler.

>Response to question of good reference book:
>take a look at The Honest Herbal: a sensible guide to the use of herbs and related remedies. 3rd ed by Varro Tyler, PhD

Don't get that one. Get a good book instead. LOTS mentioned in the medicinal herbfaq.

Or - got an idea here - want to buy mine, cheap? Really got no use for it, as it doesn't really present facts in a scientific and unbiased way... call your book scientific because you attribute your every sentence to one or the other earlier work - like Maude Grieve? Not that I have anything against Grieve but there must be newer research around. And why not do some herb picking yourself and write about that instead of just putting out a collection of olde quotes? My bias lies with folks who been there, not folks who read about it and then decided to write about it too.