MLM and quality.

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Re: herbalife
From: (SofaGeorge)
Date: 1 Jan 1997 20:38:10 GMT

Pegasus wrote...
> I disagree on your comment about MLM products been inferior,the company I'm in is led by one of americas leading nutritionist,who really cares about bringing health through nutrition & vitimin supplements,I can't speak for all MLM companies but our products are inexpensive,and delivered to your door,without the hassle of going to your health store,just to find out they are out of the product & the salesperson trying to stick you with an overstocked product that supposibly is just as good or better,at our company we offer superior products at reasonable prices,and we always have them availiable a phone call away.

Sorry to bust your beans on this one Pegasus but you are dead wrong. I work ratios on products because I develop health related products for television advertising. No one in my business with any integrity will have anything to do with MLM. Why? Because it is a business for bottom feeders. There are NO! MLM companies that carry a pharmaceutical grade raw material lines (as opposed to "discount" quality raw materials). Why do all the MLM companies sell discount quality lines? 'Cuz that's where the money is... and that's what MLM is all about.

As to your company being headed by "one of americas (sic) leading nutritionists" ... what does someone's academic credentials have to do with whether or not they are a scam artist? The guy isn't running the Peace Corps. He's making a buck.