Sex formulas.

Subject: Re: Three Sex Formulas - Info Sought
From: (Tsu Do Nimh)
Date: 12 Jan 1997 09:18:01 -0700

>Also I have lots of questions; that's why I'm posting. The most obvious-- Are any of these formulas likely to work? Are they safe?

They aren't likely to hurt you, but they aren't likely to do any good either.

A popular folk remedy for impotence is the caterpillar of a very large black moth or butterfly - it's an impressive bright green thing with a blue racing stripe, extending up to 8 inches long when it's stretched out and moving. I never discovered whether the man was supposed to eat it, rub it on the affected part, or just look at it for inspiration.

They used a tree in my Guadalajara courtyard as fodder, and the herbalists would check to see if any had fallen off that they could pick up to sell in the markets. It's bad luck to take them from the tree, but if they "volunteer" by landing on the ground, that's OK.

>In short, I'm after some intelligent commentary on these formulas. Got it? Okay, here we go.

Looking an an elderly Mexican pharmacy book for these (their materia medica).

> As I interpret what the information provided, Fortex H Super, is a box of 30 pills containing equal parts of

  • Vitamin E = It was once shown that animals (mink, if I remember correctly) deprived of Vitamin E lost all interest in sex ... so the assumption was made that extra Vitamin E would enhance sex drive. It is actually difficult to be as vitamin-deprived as those mink were.
  • damiana extract = a known "anti melancolia" herb, its mild anti-depressant effect might help. Loss of interest in sex is a common symptom of mild depression. Also, damiana has an interesting effect on the skin nerves. A short time after taking it, your skin often becomes very sensitive to touch
  • glutamic acid (?) = ??? haven't a clue why
  • testosterone = if the impotent person were lacking in it, might help
  • yohimbine = reputed aphrodisiac, with some nasty side-effects
  • "Jalea Real. = Royal Jelly" ... that bee thing, which if it worked as intended, would turn you into an insect.