Herbs for tinnitus.

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Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Gingko and Tinnitus
From: saabstory.freewheeling.com (Bob Landry)
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 23:12:19 GMT

Have been using standard capsules of Gingko Biloba in an attempt to alleviate my tinnitus. I have had some positive effect, but the tinnitus never goes away completely (didn't really expect it to). Some days, it recurs at even greater intensity than it did before I started using the gingko, and then it will reduce again. I have been reading the .tinnitus group, but there has been very little on there about gingko, generally a mixed reaction. Does anyone who is reading this group have any ideas about herbal treatment, either with the gingko or separately? Although the level of tinnitus isn't as bad as Schumann's (reportedly he killed himself because of it) it's bad enough to be annoying. Any help greatly appreciated, even just a point in the right direction to start researching.

From: Carole <mamajaz.full-moon.com>

My Mom has been using Ginkgo for tinnitus for quite some time. She's almost 80 and has had it most of her life. When she is taking Ginkgo capsules, which I make myself for her, her tinnitus is markedly reduced. I started my aunt on the same capsules about a year ago. She just ran out and is begging for more. Within a couple of days of being off Gingko, her ears had bells in them again.

I haven't taken it myself, but from the reactions of my Mom and my aunt, I would say it works pretty good, at least in some people.

From: Sisyphus <sisyphus.polaris.mindport.net>

> Have been using standard capsules of Gingko Biloba

Gee. I use chamomile for mine. Chamomile tea w/ honey. (Works for colitis, too.) I really think tinnitus is due to stress and high blood pressure, but I'm no medical expert. Anyway, the chamomile pretty well cools me out and relieves the tinntinitus, which I think, is a symptom. Give it a try. Let us know.