Subject: Re: Constipation
From: "Marie Winston" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 23:17:25 -0500

Fieber, Paul" <> wrote:
>My wife has a severe constipation problem. This has been ongoing for over 20 years. She currently cannot have any kind of a bowel movement at all unless she uses an enema or a laxative. She has been put on Nulytely and propulsid by a gastroenterologisy but it really does not seem to help. We are in desperate need of some natural product that would allow her to return to normal bowel movements. Thank You.


Believe it or not, this is not as uncommon a complaint as one would assume. The constipation usually starts as a result of a sudden emotional/physical shock, or just plain old poor lifestyle choices (i.e. little fiber in the diet, inadequate water intake, and physical inactivity). As the poor diet choices continue, the bowels are further degraded by the continuous use of laxatives and the absorption of toxins generated by the putrefying mass in the intestines. This, of course, tends to weaken the patient, who now wants to move even less and eat even less fiber (as it makes their already distended bowel, more uncomfortable). Over several years of such a scenario, the bowel totally loses the ability to evacuate on its own. Also, the weight of the enlarged bowel begins to press on nearby organs, causing many other problems.

Besides the diet /exercise changes suggested by Aliceann, taking the herb Turkey Rhubarb can do wonders in these cases. Your wife can take this herb singly (from any health food store) while ordering a more potent herbal combination called Intestinal Corrective Formula #1, from the American Botanical Pharmacy (nci) 888-437-2362. These measures should cause bowel movements to begin, in a reasonably short period of time, and therefore permit the immediate cessation of artificial medications.

Your wife should also begin immediately, to drink at least 8-10, 8 oz. glasses of filtered water a day. Coffee, tea, soda, ect. do not count (in fact, they act as diuretics). Fluids should not be consumed within 20 minutes before, during, or until 20 minutes after eating. This is to prevent diluting the digestive juices and also overworking the intestines (a primary cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Crone's Disease). BTW, the Pharmacy also carries an Intestinal Corrective Formula #2 which will help to pull all the old toxic material out of the bowel, once a regular evacuation cycle is restored. Optimally, this would be once, following each meal; but daily is a good beginning.

To start, your wife should take one capsule of Turkey Rhubarb (or IC Formula #1) with a full glass of (filtered) water, several hours after dinner. If there is no really good movement upon rising (or at least, after breakfast), then she should take 2 capsules that evening. She should continue to increase the number of capsules taken, by one, until dramatic results are achieved. Some really chronic cases have required up to 40 capsules before a "breakthrough" occurred, so don't be afraid to take whatever might be needed. At this point, she can begin reducing the amount she takes, to get to the lowest # of capsules that will still allow things to "work". Over time, the increased fiber and water intake, will allow the intestines to recover to the point of being able to work "on their own". Of course, if your wife should notice anything of an allergic type reaction with the herbs, she should use common sense.

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Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 12:56:04 EST

> My wife has a severe constipation problem. This has been ongoing

Have your wife stay away from laxatives on a continual basis. I suggest that she take psyllium (generic Metamucil) ...1 rounded teaspoonful with her biggest meal each day. If that doesn't help, 1 teaspoonful with two meals a day should do nicely. The amount can be gauged according to results. Soluble fiber, such as psyllium, has more benefits than just acting as a stool softener. It decreases cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular disease, decreases the absorption and metabolism of sugars and will keep insulin production to a lower level, and decreases the risk of colon cancer.


Elliot Freeman RPh, Managing Editor
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From: "Harkins" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 13:52:23 -0500

> I suggest that she take psyllium (generic Metamucil)

I use this to combat irritable bowel syndrome and it works well. In the beginning, it can cause gas until the digestive tract adjusts. I suggest starting with a lower than regular dose amount for the first few days just to make the introduction more comfortable. If it's stressful or makes her feel worse, she may decide it's not for her, and that really won't be the case. She just needs to get used to it.