St. John's wort: EO.

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Subject: Re: St. John's Wort Oil
From: "zainnews" <>
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2000 22:57:16 -0800

If you are referring to St. Johns Wort essential oil, Liberty Natural Products, Inc, located in Portland, Oregon carries it. The can be reached on the web at Quite expensive though; one ounce sells for $92.67.

Good luck with your search, Rox

From: (Rastapoodle)

I have never seen SJW EO for sale. I believe the easiest way to get the benefit of the flower is to infuse it. Now, if Liberty does have an EO and is charging $95/oz for it, I'm amazed. I'd like to hear if other suppliers have an EO, rather than the common infused oil.

Anya {{{*_*}}}

From: "Catherine Symonds" <>

I noticed Changes Within (which I also ordered good-quality EOs from) has St John's Wort essential oil (France, steam distilled) starting at $12.20 for 1 ml.

From: "Sos" < (remove X)>

Lilydale herb farm has SJW EO for $10 for 10ml. At least that's what they say is inside the bottle. Of course its no bloody good because no one around here knows what it's good for.