Menopausal troubles.


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Subject: Re: Dong Quai & Menopause
From: "Catherine Symonds" <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 21:06:18 -0800

> For many years I've heard about the traditional use of Dong Quai for "female complaints" and particularly for menopause. I'm beginning to experience menstrual irregularities and occasional hot flashes. Would Dong Quai smooth out this transition for me? How do you best use it? Take it every day, or just at some phase of your normal monthly rhythm?
> I'd be very interested in both what the experts have to say and in what women with experience with the herb have to say. Thanks
> Patty McCann

Hi Patty!

A very good, dear friend of mine suffered the following menopausal symptoms:
extreme mood swings/irritability, fatigue, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, & periods that would last for 2-3 weeks. However, she didn't want to undergo hormone replacement therapy. Upon researching, I came across Dong Quai. I suggested she try that. After two days of taking these herbal supplements, she excitedly told me that her didn't have a hot flash, felt her normal energy level return, & felt emotionally balanced. Eventually, her cycle regulated itself. In addition to Dong Quai, she now also takes Black Cohosh & Damiana. She feels wonderful, & her husband's all the happy (& relieved!) for it.

Warm regards,

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I have used vitex for years for the same problems. I took two capsules a day for a while and now I take one. I stopped once, and started spotting between periods. I stop the vitex during periods and start again when the period is over. It has worked very well for me. I know that there are other herbs for the same troubles, but I have had good results from this one.

all blessings

[Update: Please also read this. - Henriette.]