Subject: Re: rosacea
From: "Graham White" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 20:40:47 -0000

>Does anyone have any ideas to suppress outbreaks of rosacea? I have gone the gamut from tetracycline (which I hate to use because it kills the intestinal bacteria), all the creams and gels --which are often too painful to even put on. I have tried dietary changes -- which makes absolutely no difference at all. A local dermatologist, who is supposed to be the area's finest; has given me such a list of "don'ts" and "can'ts" that it is impossible to even live a normal life! I am now using a topical psoriasis cream from Home Resources (nci) and some powdered goldenseal over the eruptions. Help!! I am stumped, and this is extremely discouraging.

Not knowing what is available in the US herbally wise, I will leave that to others, but it is essential to try and reduce inflammation and normalise epithelial cell metabolism by ensuring sufficient essential fatty acids in the diet. With an outbreak of rosacea I would ensure my patients were taking at least two dessert spoons of hemp seed oil daily along with any herbal Rx and supplementation.

It might even be better to start with omega-3 supplementation for the first 2-3 weeks before changing to a more balanced regime.

For omega-3 use flax seed (linseed) oil.

If you can't get hold of hemp seed oil (is this e-mail triggering interception with the use of forbidden words: bomb, heroin, revolution) use a blend of flax seed and sunflower oil in the ratio of 1:3. Make sure all oils are organically produced and keep in the fridge.

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and no I am not related to Udo Erasmus

Graham White B.Sc. (Herb. Med.), MNIMH.
Medical Herbalist

From: May Terry <>

> Does anyone have any ideas to suppress outbreaks of rosacea?

I don't take the tetracycline either, but the topical anti-fungals do work for me. I asked my teacher, Gail Ulrich of Blazing Star Herbal School in MA, if she knew of any herbal treatment. She said that unfortunately, rosacea is very difficult to treat herbally, and the only successful case she had ever heard of was someone who used burdock internally for a number of months. If I stop using the topical stuff for even a few days, I end up with a bright red rash on my cheeks, so I'm sticking with them for now. After reading others' comments, though, I think I might try some evening primrose and/or flaxseed oil.


From: Alan Willoughby <>

Hi All

> Does anyone have any ideas to suppress outbreaks of rosacea?

I have used aromatherapy oils to treat this on my mother. I used 16 drops of each of lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus EOs in a base of 80ml sweet almond, 15ml jojoba and 5ml wheatgerm oils. Apply to the affected area morning and evening. Not only did it cure the rosacea but her skin became much more supple and smooth. (Sorry this is not strictly herbal, but hope it helps).