Tasty teas.


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Subject: Another tea recipe (stolen)
From: edbaud.bbs.slv.org
Date: 26 Jan 1999 13:21:40 mdt

From the box, Celestial Seasonings, Cinnamon Apple Spice:

To taste:
Chamomile flowers
Roasted Chicory root
Orange peel
Roasted carob

Natural cinnamon flavor, natural apple flavor, and other natural flavors...
No warning label on this one...but some ideas here to play with...
I think teas like this (and other pleasant things) do much for your health.

Fred Bauder, Crestone, Colorado

The actual recipe was developed by Kerin Franklin

Subject: Re: Another tea recipe (stolen)
From: Henriette Kress <hetta.saunalahti.fi>

>Natural cinnamon flavor, natural apple flavor, and other natural flavors...

So go ahead, buy the raw materials and experiment with proportions until you get a tasty tea. And those "Natural flavors" could be essential oils. Or perhaps they're something else instead.

...it's -not- that simple.

Medicinal effects? It'll stimulate your appetite and your digestion.


Subject: Natural Apple Flavor
From: edbaud.bbs.slv.org
Date: 27 Jan 1999 05:01:46 mdt

As you work with apples (and other fruit) through peeling and mashing and straining, sometimes you can end up with lots of peel, raw or cooked. This dried, esp crabapple peel, might be useful.

At home you can just add apple juice to a tea.

Other natural flavors might include a touch of the spices in formulas for apple pie spice.

Henrietta's got the idea...experiment and have fun with these. I'll send more... Not everyone lives in the US.

There is one thing though, as you build from a tea base to include effective medicinal herbs the need to identify the tea as medicinal increases and a need to regulate the "dosage" increases.