Arnica, Mexican arnica.

From: Henriette Kress>
Subject: Re: [Herb] Teeth, gums, bones
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 18:35:38 +0200

> I keep arnica homeopath in my hand bag! I wonder what the plant arnica would do in decoction.

Don't. In large doses it shoves all your blood to the periphery, leaving nothing for the heart... you go into shock.

It's a herb best used externally or homeopathically. For pretty much the same effect you could try SJW... internally, too.

From: "Niamh"

I recently met a Mexican lady who told me her grandad used to make "syrups" of arnica flowers and dispense it to everyone, even pregnant women or any one who needed it. It made me wonder what actually happened to make it such a dangerous herb? If it is properly understood, is it not as safe as any other herb? Makes me wonder if future generations will view Kava et al in the same light (having been banned in the UK) I was glad to read your post Jim, I recently bought some in a chemist a proper tincture, and was shocked as it is supposed to be practitioner only here and we are not trained how to use it internally at all, not even out of historical interest.

From: Henriette Kress

... Mexican arnica is a Heterotheca - it's NOT Arnica sp.

Heterotheca is not a problem, internally.

And Heterotheca is what you usually get when you buy bulk arnica (at least in the US), unless you use a supplier you can trust - or pick your own.

From: Veronica Honthaas

Here in NW Montana we have lots of Arnica cordifolia. How does that compare medicinally to Arnica montana?

From: Henriette Kress

All Arnica spp. can be used like Arnica montana.

In fact, Arnica cordifolia is far better than A. montana if you're talking about picking it (or growing it) ... the cordifolia is found in large stands, the montana is single plants dotting the landscape.

Also, don't restrict yourself to flowers only, pick the leaf, too. Unless you're picking for a buyer (who usually specify flower), in which case, you're _growing_ that there Arnica montana, aren't you? It's endangered wherever it's found in the wild.

From: Dan

>>I wonder what the plant arnica would do in decoction.

> My guess would be it would kill you.

Well a decoction (setting aside the degradation from boiling) wouldn't kill you if you got the dose right. I have used arnica internally and given it to clients with great success. Usually only 3-10 drops of tincture though. I would think tea would be a teaspoon dose.

Arnica should be used with care but is a great plant to use non homeopathically.

From: "jim mcdonald"

>It's a herb best used externally or homeopathically.

I replaced my homeopathic arnica with a dry flower tincture (fresh dried, less than a week from harvest), and I'd NEVER go back to Homeopathic. Small doses, 5-15 drops, have worked far better than Homeopathic pellets ever have for me. Mixed 50/50 with water, it seemed to work better than cremes I've used, as well, though not quite as easy to work with.

It's got a weirdly creepy yet beckoning taste as well...