Bladder spasm.

From: "Niamh"
Subject: Re: [Herb] Bladder Spasms
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 22:04:17 -0000

> I have a friend who is having bladder spasms and this creates incontinence. She is in her 70s, I believe... maybe late 60s.

I'd try Kava if you live somewhere that it hasn't been banned, I know it helps incontinence associated with MS and is relaxant and antiseptic to boot. I'd combine it with Viburnum prunifolium and whatever else is indicated for her personally. Maybe she needs magnesium or something, just a thought.


you can check, but in my experience, juniper berries have been very helpful with bladder problems.


From: Dan

I would suggest some Lobelia and Ammi visnaga in a tonic as well as some demulcent herbs in tea like licorice and marshmallow and some peppsissiwa to tighten up the membranes. With the tea blend add some mullein root, according to micheal moore it strengthens the Trigone muscle which helps incontinence.

Also with any spasms try a Calcium Magnesium supplement.

Dan McDonley


First and foremost - marshmallow root tea - double decocted for 15 minutes each time and allowed to cool completely in between - ½ ounce root to the pint. Really does a nice job of relaxing soft tissue drink at least a quart a day til the problem goes away - then look for he cause of the spasms - my guess would be infection or urinary tract irritant that has been introduced or increased since the problem manifested itself. Look to things that may have turned the urine a bit less acedic allowing infection to kick up. Both marshmallow and cranberry will increase kidney acidity. Cranberry concentrate in gel form is a good one if you can't find a "pure" cranberry juice that has been sweetened to make it more palatable. A bunch of blueberries - frozen or canned if you can't find fresh which is near impossible this time of year - is a super anti-oxidant wich wil clear out any oxiodative damage byproducts that have added to the problem. - No coffee or green/black tea , pre\ocessed foods (because of the garbage they contain, "soda" diet or otherwise.)

A little birch leaf and/ or buch leaf, uva ursi, usnea, zea mays tea - separately or in any combination - as an infused tea will help tonify and clean out the whole kidney to bladder urinary tract after things calm down.

Hope this helps.
Peter Byram, CNC, Herbalist