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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:54:59 -0500
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Hi, I was looking for some information regarding hormore regulators. I unfortunately have been getting 'medroxyprogestrone axetate' injections for the past nine months. I had many 'growths' and continuous bleeding. The injections were started as a compromise with my Doctor, I get them and they don't cut me open to just look around!!

Well talk about forced menopause! Fatigue, acne worse then my 14 year old, sudden 'handles' I never had even after having five children! Hotflashes, migraines,mood swings every hour, bleeding for weeks on end.... and the list goes on, OH and my hair is thinning!

The only good points I can think of for this synthetic drug is the 'growths' seem to be shrinking and I can't get pregnant.

I asked the doctor about using herbs to help with the side effects without reversing the reason I'm getting them and of course the Dr. looked at me like I was speaking some strange language (note to self find Dr that believes in natural health).

So, has anyone ever dealt with this before? Any suggestions? I'm only 34 and I'm beginning to feel 80 with being as tired as I am.

I presently take natural iron supplements to conteract the endless bleeding....

I am open to any suggestions. I don't want to be sliced up like a slab of pork, nor do I want to live in a constant blah state...

Talk to me.....

Thank you in advance for digging around in books and checking this out for me......

From: Sharon Hodges-Rust mwherbs.cox.net

what are the "growths"? fibroids? before the doctor treated you did you have lab work done? the hormone that you are taking is progesterone - it puts limits on estrogen. So even with the progesterone you are still bleeding? What other procedures have you had done and how long has this been going on?

The anemia you have plays a role in your fatigue, and blah feelings, also maybe the migraines.

Susan Weed has an herbal menopause book that is probably applicable, I don't think you can expect an allopathic doctor to do much by way of "natural". If this guy is an OB-GYN even more so they are surgeons he may be treating you with meds but his real preference rather than fine tune is to do surgery that's his primary job probably what he likes most about it , very hands on -tactile and visual. If you are looking for some alternative approaches you need to find another kind of practioner like a naturopath, chiropractor in some states, midwife, clinical herbalist or research and do it yourself.

My standard stop bleeding for any cause plant is yarrow and it is not going to fix your hormones but it may help to reduce the bleeding you are having.For the anemia, nettles, greens-atleast 1 cup/day (also supplies vitamin k), miso soup, molasses, liver, b vitamins. Stay hydrated it makes the difference between loosing rich blood or diluted blood.

diet, general health, family history,current meds or supplements you are taking. and lifestyle all need to be looked at.

Go to the library and look at the herbal/natural menopause books they will have some info that could help.

Sharon in Tucson

From: brown.eyes.sympatico.ca


The 'growths' are fibroids and polyps...that is the extent to the information I have been told.

I tried to explain to the doctor that my body doesn't even like simple tylenol, let alone synthetic anything!

I've been dealing with profuse bleeding spells (for as long as 50 days at a time) for over a year now...this progesterone was their solution, and if I stop i get to go through the reverse or possibly worse for 6-8 months.

I know it's going to take a while to put everything back where it should be, just hoping for helpful suggestions! As a single mom with five kids, a job and studying part time...I can't afford to be in slow motion all the time.

Thanks again