Male infertility.


From: "jim mcdonald"
Subject: [Herb] male infertility
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 10:49:23 -0500

I recently got a call to address a case of infertility; tests show that the male has a low sperm count. I plan on suggesting both partners take a tonic blend, the male's consisting of (so far) Milky Oats, Burdock Root, and possibly American Ginseng, or maybe Solomon's Seal. I've already suggested the value of making a blend of sunflower & pumpkin seeds a regular snack.

A separate blend of Cactus, Collinsonia, Milk Thistle & Oak Bark (& maybe a few drops of Yarrow) is being put together to address varicosities, with an external wash being made up of Collinsonia & Witch Hazel extract.

I have yet to meet with the woman, who, if my intuition serves me well, is less than excited about discussing her biological functions with me, though she's referred more than a couple friends to me in the past.

Anyways, I feel quite confident with the Milky Oats & Burdock Root, but perhaps someone can suggest other herbs they've seen address male infertility (or, rather, "low fertility"). Impotence is not a problem. If you do have suggetsions, please know a reason for them, being personal experience, or why the herb is indicated. I don't usually use herbs lest I know why they're being included in a formula.

From: "Niamh"

Hello Jim,

since noone else offered you anything yet I thought I might get the thing moving. Serenoa is a nourishing male herb and I would think of it immediately. Turnera diffusa is another you might consider, an impressive male energy mover and male nervine, which is of course so important when the confidence has taken a knock. I would use it for the same reason (I presume) you have considered Oats. I think Turnera is more suitable, or will enhance the oaty action.

I think it is important to remove the anxiety completely, tell people like this to forget about the baby completely for months, concentrate on enjoying life and cementing their relationshop and preparing the ground for what is to come. So improving the diet and doing things they really enjoy, and falling in love again. Inspire their confidence and assure him all he needs is one mobile sperm cell! It's quality not quantity.

In the meantime, the general health can be improved, I see you had that idea with the burdock root and nervines already. I wonder what his temperature is like? Might need to be warmed up. Gotu kola is another you might want to consider.

And there are 2 chinese herbs I have no experience of: Cuscuta chinensis and Epimedium grandiflora, the latter also known by the charming name "horny goat weed".

Good luck!