Matching tinctures to people: tongue drops.


From: Dan McDonley
Subject: Re: [Herb] Muscle testing
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 21:51:15 -0800

Sevensong from the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine uses a drop testing method to see how people react. I' do it occasionally and have had good results. Just have them put one drop of tincture under their tounge. Ask them do they feel worse, better, or no change.. You'll be surprised how many people can feel a change. Then you give then the normal dose for treatment..

Just an alternative to Muscle Testing that us skeptics can feel better about..

From: Ann Gerstenberger

If you use pulses to help in assessment you can also drop the herbal remedy on the tongue or back of the hand and feel for changes in the pulses, or look for changes in skin color, etc., other physical cues.

Just a bit (or a drop) on topic.