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California poppy roots.

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A different use of the plant?

Back in March, Darcey wrote about using the roots of California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) in ointments, as a topical antimicrobial.
Any details on that, Darcey? I've trawled the web and can't seem to find anybody else using it for that.

It's starting to flower in my garden now; it's a very pretty plant, and it's been running wild since I scattered some seeds about 5 years ago.

Me, I've just tinctured the whole plant, roots and all, to make a nice calming tincture. But that antimicrobial use is intriguing. Hmm, I wonder if it would help for foot fungi, especially the white spots of foot rot, which are marks of a bacterial infection that's taken advantage of fungus-weakened skin ... I'll give it a try, once a few more are in flower.


hrm...i KNOW i read that somewhere....
*flipping through notes and books.

OK..M. Moore has a blurb in the Mountain west book about tincture used topically for ringworm and obstinate infections. And I have a brief note about it in some class notes from another tucson herbalist, about the root being the strongest part for topical fungal/infection use.
I feel like i've seen it before elsewhere...
I've never really had the oppurtunity to try it out on anyone yet.
I do like you, i usually just tincture up the whole plant, root and all.

Somthing about that orange sap that leaks out from the broken root tells me it would be useful topically...

Thanks for that! Sounds perfect for this particular client; I'll make a fresh root tincture in another week or three.