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Jonno has been busy on his blog.

Go check out Jonno's herblog. A few recent gems:

The "revolutionary" melanin paper (you know the one: Pugh, N. D., P. Balachandran, et al. (2005). Melanin: dietary mucosal immune modulator from Echinacea and other botanical supplements. Int Immunopharmacol 5(4): 637-47.) quacks exactly like a moneymaking scam for its writers. Jonno's posts on the topic:
Research paper of the year 2005,
Melanin: more questions than answers,
Melanin mystery, and
Melanin authors grab melanin patents.

Cosmetic surgeons think they have a clue about alternative healthcare (they don't). (So acupuncture is homeopathy? Don't tell the TCMers!).

Edzard Ernst (the CAM prof at the U of Exeter, UK) doesn't know what Chelidonium is - or perhaps he doesn't know what chemotherapy is? Read the paper here: "Ernst, E. and K. Schmidt (2005), Ukrain - a new cancer cure? A systematic review of randomised clinical trials. BMC Cancer 5(1): 69.", and then read Jonno's blogpost for some facts.

Berberine works against cancer (Woot!).

The latest anticancer MLM, zeolite, actually causes cancer. Read Jonno's posts on the topic:
Zeolite MLM anticancer scam,
Zeolite zealots,
Fraudulent MLM upline claims, and
Ooops, the upline didn't want that to be widely known ...

Among other gems, of course.

I LURVE JONNO IN ALL CAPS. Lovely blog, go have a read.


Zeolite kills cancer! US patent ascribes zeolite to killing cancer cells 100% within 72hrs. Wake up!

Rev. Dr.? Snigger. And I expect the zeolite clobbers the cancer cells with tiny little clubs?
Do read the papers that Jonno mentions before spouting your nonsense here, there's a good chap.

Jonathan's claims that Zeolite must be harmful to ingest because it is harmful to breathe is totally ridiculous. Many substances are harmful to breathe including cayenne pepper, table salt, and WATER. Zeolite was used to successfully detox victims of Chernobyl and it has the same chelating effect with heavy metals as it did for the cesium in Chernoby victims.

Please see this patent for Zeolite's binding properties:

It is on the FDA GRAS list (generally regarded as safe) so come again about Zeolite causing cancer?

Wow, Ruth, wanna buy this extremely busy bridge? You'll make a bundle on road tolls, guaranteed!

I would like to see some reference to actual scientific studies showing that zeolite is unsafe as well as a scam. I have not seem any of that from the bloggers just bashing of the product and MLM. I really want to know the truth about zeolite but I have heard more evidence from those supporting it than from those against it.

Why not trundle on over to Jonno's site and read his posts? Weird idea, I know, but there you have it.

Thanks for the link to Jonno's blog, Henriette.
That's the way I like things presented...