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Photo: Tussilago farfara 17. Pic: Flowering coltsfeet.

Photo: Tussilago farfara 16. Pic: Single coltsfoot flower.

The first wildflowers of the year.

Woot, I saw the very first coltsfeet (Tussilago farfara) on Saturday! These pics are from Sunday, and I had to walk quite a bit to get them. Gorgeous weather, though, so that was great fun, and spring is finally here!

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Hello. I'm new here, but I was wondering if someone could give me some info. I have Primary Sclerosing Cholagitis, a liver disease that constricts the bile ducts and eventually leads to transplant. This is also what Walter Payton died from. However, I developed a severe cough recently and I read where Colstfoot was very good at stopping a cough. However, I also read where Coltsfoot is very liver toxic. Is that true?

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