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Foods rich in chromium.

Here’s a quick run-down of chromium-rich foods, in microgram ("yg" - should be m-with-a-tail-g, of course, but I simplified) of chromium per 100 g edible part:

beef liver: to 100 μg
edam cheese 30-45% fat 95 μg
gouda cheese 45 % fat 95 μg
mother's milk 67 μg
egg 5-50 μg
wholemeal wheat bread 49 μg
white wheat bread 37 μg
potato 33 μg
yolk 20 μg
honey 29 μg
onion 16 μg

black tea 110 μg
para nut 100 μg
cocoa powder 60 μg
dried cow's milk, full-fat 36 μg
corn (maize) 32 μg
dates 29 μg
rye 25 μg
almond 12 μg

Mmmm. Paranuts. And organically farmed eggs, and wholemeal wheat bread.

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