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Foods rich in magnesium.

Here’s a quick run-down of magnesium-rich foods, in mg of magnesium per 100 g edible part:

wheat germ 325 mg
purslane (Portulaca sativa) 151 mg
fish 25-50 mg
banana 36 mg
raspberries 30 mg
sea buckthorn berries (Hippophae rhamnoides) 30 mg
avocado 29 mg

wheat bran 590 mg
cocoa powder, defatted 500 mg
sunflower seeds 420 mg
sesame seed 347 mg
cashew 270 mg
soy beans 250 mg (but soy is very very very very allergenic, so don't use it, eh?)
brewer's yeast 230 mg
lima beans 201 mg
almond 170 mg
torula yeast 165 mg
peanut 163 mg
para nut 160 mg
pistache 160 mg
rice 157 mg
chocolate, half bitter 150 mg
hazel nut 150 mg
wheat 147 mg
walnut 135 mg
kidney beans 130 mg
oats 129 mg
marzipan 120 mg
rye 120 mg
maize 120 mg
barley 114 mg
fig 70 mg
date 50 mg
milk chocolate 40 mg

So there you have it, it's brewer's yeast, the seeds'n'nuts, and cocoa powder. I don't do sprouts, so wheat germ is not on my list. And bitter chocolate is a far better source of magnesium than milk chocolate - but homemade hot chocolate is best, of course, cos you can put oodles of cocoa powder in that.

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Oh man, like I needed another reason to drink more cocoa!