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Easter egg colors?

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So I know about onion peels and yellow.

And, hmmm, lingonberry juice should make a very pretty red. Also, blueberry or black currant (or black or blue elderberries) might do for purple, and might just turn green if mixed with lemon juice.

Have you used foods to color easter eggs? If so, which parts, how, and what colors did you get?

I'll use beeswax, too, I think, if possible, to make pretty patterns.


Why so early? Cos I'm thinking of doing an article in a local glossy, and need hints'n'tips now so I can start testing right away.

There'll be pics later on, of the various successes and failures.


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Beets? Coffee/tea?

I can vouch for red cabbage/blue eggs, and for turmeric.

Just saw this blog. If money's no object, try saffron. Other suggestions have been red cabbage (actually yields a turquoise blue!), paprika (red-orange), and dill. Otherwise, try buying eggs from "blue" egg layers. These are more of a teal color, but beautiful!

I've colored a few dozen eggs since first writing this post; the results are here.

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