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Flower essences 1/3.

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Do flower essences work?

It's funny how, when you don't have all that much plant material in a water-brandy mixture, the sceptics pop up to declare that this is humbug.

It may be, but I've seen the queen of flower remedies (that is, Rescue remedy) calm terrified cats. I've seen it calm hysterical women. I've seen it put crying babies to sleep, and I've heard that it's also good for panicky horses.

The women can be influenced by what they've read and what they believe, but cats? Babies? Horses?

So yes, I think that flower remedies are worthwhile. Not for physical ailments, but for chinks in the psyche, for mental anguish and for other dents in our psychological makeup.

Which is why I use them.

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I imagine the brandy doesn't hurt much either?

See, you take 1 drop of any given flower essence under your tongue, or in your tincture, or in your tea, or in whatever.
Or you put 1 drop into the water of a cat that can't stand to travel by car - it'll be calm as anything.

The brandy doesn't matter, it's just something that preserves the liquid so it won't rot.

I was tickled to read your bits about flower essences. I was just reading about them again last night, and all of my skeptic red flags come up. But then I think about the different times I have made them and used them, and I have to believe that there is something to it.

Yes, they're weird.

I think it does work for all those living things who can smell, doesn't it?

I gave some Rescue Remedy to my dog - let him lick a few drops off my hand - he sneezed a lot, but unfortunately didn't calm down one bit!!.

Try putting 1-2 drops of rescue remedy in his water and let us know how that works.