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Flower essences 3/3.

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Flower essences are funny.

I've made them with two of my long-term groups now, and because we only have time for things like flower essences in April, when nothing much is in flower, they chose some of the same plants both times.

One of the flowers my students picked both times was Scilla sibirica, and another was hazelnut (Corylus avellana).

Back when I attended the SWSBM, Mimi Kamp taught us to make flower essences. She asked for feedback, but didn't get much, and wise from her experience I told my classes that they had to divide their mother essences into as many parts as there were students in class, and give one bottle of it to all the others. And explain to the rest of the class what their flower essence did, what it was good for.

Now, you'd expect different people to get different vibes from the plants, right?


Last year, the scilla was just buzzing with bees, and the lady who sat in the scilla patch said the flower essence is for socializing.
This year, it was much colder so there were no bees, but still, the lady who sat with the scilla said the flower essence was for socializing: she'd watched the flowers she'd picked bump into one another in her waterbowl, staying for a gossip here, moving on there.

Last year, the lady who picked the hazelnut picked one male and one female flower, and told us that the hazel helps clarify which mate would be best.
This year, the lady who picked the hazel picked a few males and one female, and watched them float about in her bowl: "That lady flower was really sure what male flower she wanted to be with. This flower essence helps clarify male-female relationships."

Funny, innit?

Gotta love plants.

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