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Flower essences again.

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So we made flower essences again.

It's a new class in their last week, the sun was shining, and we made flower essences. I said that they should pick different plants so that we would get lots of different flower essences, but then I didn't supervise the flower selection, so we ended up with three people picking a small star-of-betlehem (a pretty little yellow spring plant) and two people picking dandelion.

And later in the day, when my students were supposed to tell the rest of the class what their flower essence would do, I said, no, let's not tell, let's write things down instead, and I'll copy your notes for the whole class.

And the flower essence indications for the dandelion and the gagea were identical, or as much so as it's possible when different people try to put hazy concepts into words.


Dandelion flower essence: it brings joy.
Small star-of-betlehem flower essence: great for anxiety and frustration. (That's Gagea minima, in case you were wondering.)

The scilla of earlier years was included this time, too, and again it came through as making it easier to be social.

Gotta love plants.

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