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Funny syrup.


I made the most interesting syrup today.

See, back at the end of July, I picked hollyhock (Alcea rosea) flowers.

And today (as I write this) (that's yesterday, as you read this), I made a syrup of them.

Photo: Alcea ficifolia 5. Pic: Red hollyhock flowers. As they're deep red hollyhock flowers, the result should be a deep red syrup. Alas, this syrup is colorblind, and is the same color that I'd get from the black hollyhock flowers (which are in fact a deep dark purple): a dark bluish red.

So the syrup doesn't look like raspberry or strawberry syrup.

Oh well. It's still very pretty.

And because it's a hollyhock flower syrup it doesn't taste of anything at all.

Which of course is why I made it: imagine me putting this on the table and saying "Guess what this is".