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Great herbal anti-stinker.

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We made deodorant powders last week.

Photo: Deodorant powder. One of them was supposed to be black tea (Camellia sinensis), juniper sawdust (Juniperus communis), and lovage root (Levisticum officinale).
I had the juniper sawdust (that's Juniperus communis - red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) would work as well, but I don't know which other junipers work), and wanted black tea, but asked for black currant (Ribes nigrum) by mistake. We were skipping the lovage root, as I had forgotten to bring any.

So they brought me dried black currant leaf.

We put a couple handfuls in the blender, with all the sawdust I had (50:50, or so, by weight): wow, that's a great scent! And it made great tied cheesecloth deodorant powder bundles, too.

I think I got the original recipe from Michael Moore, and he said to roast juniper sawdust in a skillet for a while. I did that once, years ago, but roasting ruins our local juniper sawdust.