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A game

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Here's how you play my site:

Try to go as many jumps as possible in the classic texts, without getting stuck.

Like this:
Go to King's (or any of the other classic text index pages).

Clicky on a random plant (like Asarum).
Clicky on one of the links in the text (not the top or bottom menus).
Links called "other tomes" or "(more)" go to single plant info pages. It's against game rules to go clicky on the photos - or, from those single plant info pages, to go to links outside the classic texts.

You've lost when you're on a page where there is no way forward, or where the only way forward is to a page where you've been within the last three moves.

Ready? Go!
1) king's-asarum - 2) king's-asarum-europaeum - 3) other-tomes-asarum-europ - 4) usdisp-asarum-europ - 5) usdisp-asarum-canad - 6) other-tomes-asarum-canad - 7) ellingw-asarum-canad - 8) ellingw-liatris - 9-14) ellingw-frasera - ptelea - alnus - panax - condurango - inula - 15) ellingwood-saccharinum ... STUCK!

Things will of course get easier as I add more olde works to the database - and to the website.

Anyhoo, have fun!


I fully expected Jim to take up that challenge!

My personal record is 46.