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Allspice honey.

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An old Finnish remedy for menopausal problems.

I've been off teaching, and in Mikkeli I met two honey producers who told me that this works ... they wanted to know why. I'm into herbs as used in real people, and thus much less concerned with the "why" than pharmaceutical types. I'm just glad to know that this works, and happy to forward this kind of tidbits:

Crush up 6 level tablespoons of allspice (Pimenta dioica), mix into half a kg of honey. Take 2 level tablespoons a day.

It's been used for hot flashes and so on for ages on the eastern border of Finland. It's very likely that this use comes from Russia.

So if you have menopausal trouble: try it and post a comment on your experiences here.

And if you have a clue why this works, please comment on that, too.