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An aesculus.

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As you can see I'm working on adding more pics to my site.

Part of that is finding the right botanical names for various pics.

So here's a very interesting horse chestnut: it has the normal horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) leaf, and rather pretty horse chestnut flowers, but the seedballs are smooth. No spikes.

Here's two pics:
Very pretty flowerspike with unripe (and still furry) seedballs.Pic: Very pretty flowerspike with unripe (and still furry) seedballs.
Branch in flower.Pic: Branch in flower.

What sort of horse chestnut is this? A cultivar, or a hybrid with something else? Many thanks!


looks like californica to me.

Nope - the californica has a much denser flowerspike than this one.