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Herbal blogs, pt. 2

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A review of the blogs in my RSS feed aggregator, in no particular order:

  • Kathy Abascal at herbsandinfluenza stopped posting to her blog back in February, about four months after she started it.
    Shrug - life happens in the best of families, and writing blog posts does take away from the creative juices needed for writing things against payment.
  • Darcey at desertmedicinewoman is still going strong, although she currently isn't in the desert ... but still a medicine woman, eh, Darcey?
  • Jonathan at herbological hasn't posted since late July. Wonder if it needs a princesses kiss to wake up - and if so, which princess would do the trick?
  • The herbal science research setup hasn't been updated since July, either. (Hoi, Shane? Add a few of these blogs to your herbal blog feed ...)
  • Herbal Ed's blog briefly came to life, in a post on Echinacea in July, but it's now resting quietly again.
  • Henriette has been quiet over summer, but seems to be picking up again. Here's hoping the current spurt will hold for a while.
  • Rebecca over at crabappleherbs revamped her blog, and very pretty it is, too.
  • The Wise woman wisdom blog went to sleep in December 2006 - no hints of it waking up again, either.
  • Kiva moved from medicinewomansroots to bearmedicineherbals. The new look is nifty!
  • Angie's Herbalist's path is nice.
  • The Radicle is in my CSS feeds, but its focus is too much scientific research for my tastes.
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    Wow *blushing* thank you so much for including me in your links Henriette! My blog is indeed a work in progress, I am glad you think it is nice!

    Henriette, I must say, it's harsh being called out in public...and being shunted to an "Herbal blogs - old" category in the sidebar is surely the binary-equivalent of a good old fashioned Urtica whipping (giddyup!). Point well taken. ;-)

    Thanks Henriette! I figured it was appropriate to have a picture of (the view from) my kitchen.