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Hibiscus edibility

Botanical name: 

Another question in my inbox.

Somebody or other asks: "Could you tell me if the flowers on tropical hibiscus are okay for dogs to eat."

Hibiscus is in the Malvaceae, and has been in the Malvaceae for ages. Back when botanical families were based on flowers, pistils and stamens, the mallow family was called "innocent": NOTHING in there was toxic in any way. These days, they've added loads of other families to the mallows, so that's not true anymore - but Hibiscus, Malva, Althaea, Alcea, Sphaeralcea, Malope, Lavatera and all that ilk won't hurt anything or anybody. At all.


I would like to state for the record, that it irritates the hell out of your humble servant realizing that people do not know how to search. If I want to know anything about lets say, Turnera Ulmiforme, I learn everything I need and even things I never thought about. On the other hand a blog is a blog.