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Ho hum.

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Well, that could have gone better.

So I made the drupal version of the site live for a few hours today. And got logs telling me which of the eclectic pics I had neglected to import etc.

So I updated a couple hundred pics to drupal (on my home PC), dumped the new mysql tables to a file, uploaded that file, and tried to import that file to dreamhost's mysql server.

And got told "Killed". Nevermind a mysql -u me -p -h host < file.sql, or a mysql-internal "source file.sql" ... "Killed".

Which isn't all that nice, seeing that I don't know where in the upload things got killed, nor how to get things uploaded properly.

(It is a 60 MB upload, but that's peanuts (or should be), for mysql.)

Update: Dreamhost support rocks! Once this update is done I'll twitch the main site back, from static to drupal. Woot!