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Not a Japanese mint...

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I have no idea what this is.

I think this is what was sold to me as Japanese peppermint seeds. The taste is that of peppermint ... I've tried to look up various Micromerias, Saturejas and the like, but so far, no go.

What is this?

Any hints gratefully accepted.
Not a Japanese mint at all
Another view.


PDRhealth states:
mentha arvensis var piperascens

liver and gallbladder

a source of menthol/in actual cogh drop products

That's very nice, but THIS IS NOT Mentha arvensis var. piperascens. In fact, it's not a Mentha at all. I'm guessing Micromeria, or even Nepeta. Mentha? Pffft.

Calamintha nepeta (L.) Savi . . . lesser calamint.

Photo here.

Aliases (courtesy of USDA):
Calamintha nepetoides Jord.
Clinopodium nepeta (L.) Kuntze
Satureja calamintha (L.) Scheele
Satureja nepeta (L.) Scheele

Many thanks! I didn't know this one had such a strong taste of menthol - I think I've seen it elsewhere before.