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So you're driving along, admiring the landscape ...

... when you see something dark up front. Slow down, that shouldn't be there. Is it a log? No, can't be, logs don't go quite so fast. Hey, it's a moose!

That's a moose, up ahead.Pic: That's a moose, up ahead.

We didn't go all that close, seeing that the poor thing was desperately trying to get away from us, so this is the best photo I have. Nice, eh?

They say it's the season for traffic hazards, what with last year's calves being kicked out by their moms, who have this year's calves to think about. Me, I'm usually scared about meese on the roads in the autumn hunting season, when everything is black and rainy. That's when you can't see them at all ... until they're right in front of your car.