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Natural sweets.

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The green seeds of sweet cicely (Myrrhis odorata) are perfectly nice candy.

Photo: Myrrhis odorata 8. Pic: Seeds like candy.
They taste exactly like your usual storebought aniseed sweets, including the sugary sweetness you're used to from candies. As long as they're green, that is. And they're best when they're really really small; the larger green seeds start to get chewy, and while the taste is the same the texture -- isn't.

But if you want to eat them as candy you'll have to use them fresh.
Or candy the candy, ahhah, I'm so funny.
Or pickle the lot in alcohol, or syrup.

Ripe seeds turn dry and black, and retain no taste whatsoever.

Of course, it helps if you like the taste of anise ...

... I don't.