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Just in case anybody's been wondering why I haven't been as active on the blog (and the site) as usual:

I got a baby girl in early November. The pregnancy was fine (I'll write some blog posts about how I handled nausea and avoided any and all pregnancy blues), the birth went fine (I'll write about that, too: no need for anesthetics, if you work with your body (and gravity) instead of against it), and she's sweet and cute as a button.


Well hell, Henriette, congratulations! How exciting for you.... I wondered what you were up to, now I know ;)


Congratulations Henriette!

:-) Thanks!

Llongyfarchiadau Hetta (congratulations). What have you called her? We want photos, details and more details and photos :)

Love, Fran and Charlie

Thanks! I'll dig out your emu addy and send a pic or two your way.

so happy for you! Enjoy!
I have been slow on my blog too- a boy born in june- had 2 under 2 for a few months there; daughter just turned 2 on the 21st- not a lot of time for writing!

Angie Goodloe LMT, Herbalist

Two is one too many, I think ... although I expect things are easier once they start to talk.

And here I thought you were writing a book. Best wishes with it all, and look forward to your blogposts.