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Michael Moore update.

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Update on 21Feb2009 from Paul Bergner:

Michael passed on today.

Michael Roland Shaw Moore
January 9, 1941 - February 20, 2009
Husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, friend, teacher, musician, herbalist.

Update on 17Feb2009:

Lovely, I just got an email with a pic of Michael from February the 8th, where he's looking positively curmudgeonly! He looks like "take that camera OUT of here!" Heh heh. He must be doing well.

In addition, the beard is growing again. Wonderful!

And, if you haven't yet done so, do get that Materia Medica CD set (it's wonderful), or sign up for his distance learning course on therapeutics, or the other one on materia medica. Either should be exceptional.

Update: From Greta Grizz dela Montagne 01Jan2009 (on Facebook):

Michael is still unconcious, hooked up to machines. Donna is feeling better and able to spend time with him daily. Neither of them have family to be in a backup/supportive role, so if any close friends or former students out there feel like they made a strong bond with Donna and could make time to help out, now is the time. She needs to be able to make the choice of course, so contact her first to see if she wants you or not. :-) Please understand how hard this is for her.

Further, if your pamphlets from 1996 are getting dog eared and the text is fading, order some new ones! Help advertise the distance learning courses SWSBM offers, and the CD-ROM. Especially helpful, there are fliers we could hang up in our communities advertising the materials and courses.

In the meantime, keep sending ju-ju to Michael and treats to Donna.

In humble devotion to the great green elf,

Update: From Adam Sellers 23Dec2008, via Richard McDonald:

"Hi all,
I spoke to Donna today. Here's her update:
Michael is doing better. Breathing on his own, he's spirited, looking good all things considered. He is not out of the woods yet, and is still in the ICU. The nurses think his out look is favorable. The long haul is expected to be difficult.
I'll be seeing some of you at the conference in April in New Mexico.

Update: From Greta dela Montagne 16Dec2008:

"Michael update: he's stabilizing, and they are starting the process of waking him up from the surgery. He has a really good nurse. Donna is pretty worked, and a small trickle of helpers are being scheduled. Please don't call Donna, respect her privacy and contact one of us first. She needs to be with Michael, and be quiet, and be supported through monetary donations and treats."

There is a facebook group that has up-to-date information: just search on "Michael Moore, Master Herbalist".
(That information isn't any more up-to-date than this one, and social networking takes a lot of time, which would be better spent on family, herbs, and similar more important things.).

Original post from 15Dec2008:

About a month ago, I sent an email with a pic of my baby girl to Michael - and got a reply from Donna that he's in hospital and that it looks like it'll be a lengthy stay, this time.

Last week, I got an email from a friend, who had received an email from a friend, who had been in touch with Donna and Jessica Soza. It said:

  • that Michael would be going through about 8 hours of surgery on December 12, replacing much of his spine with steel rods so that he can sit up again (whatever happened there? Last I heard he had diabetes and heart and kidney troubles, this sounds ... ominous.)
  • that he's very present, cracking hilarious jokes, and that Ye Olde SWSBM'ers should please come to Arizona in the next couple weeks to months, if they can, to: "lend a hand to Donna in the next month; run errands, cook, clean, give her massage, or just sit in Michael's presence and hang with him"
  • that Michael probably won't last for all that many more months
  • that Donna's been running on fumes and had a lifethreatening emergency of her own last week

I haven't been to the States since 1998, and I sure wish I could go now. Alas, I have this little bundle - she's a tad small to go continent-hopping, and she's way too small to be left at home for a week.

Said missive concluded with an appeal for cash and goods: money, gas cards, jerky, or all of the above. And no, I haven't heard how the operation went, but a note from Adam Seller says that he was doing fine during the finishing stages of the surgery.

That cash, jerky, and/or gas cards: send'em to the address on Michael's homepage:
Donna Chesner,
620 Limberlost, #24,
Tucson, Arizona, 85705,

Some other friends of unca Mike have been busy, too, and have been cooking up a fundraising "Let's appreciate MMoore" long weekend conference since early this year. Their efforts are found here. That event will take place on Fri-Sun, April 17-19, 2009.

Man, but I love that old bear. Here's hoping he and Donna are fine.

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jerky??? has he learned anything about diet since he got diabetes? herbs can do wonders, but diet is key. tell him to lay off the jerky and start eating a raw vegan diet. if he wants to get rid of his diabetes, then he should get serious and look up gabriel cousens, md. dr cousens is even in arizona! how convenient!

Raw vegan? That's one of the quite a lot too much over-the-top diets, which teens to 20-somethings do for a year or two and then drop.

Your age being?

For the record, quality meat jerky is one of the best foods for type 2 diabetics: it contains no simple carbs. It's also one of the best foods for the companions of diabetics.

...and too bad raw foods diets with their fruit heavy, sugar laden but oh so "natural" ways have a tendency to worsen blood sugar lability, and thus aggravate diabetes. Cousens is one of the weirder, more extreme factions of that particular bad idea diet as well, yikes.

yay for jerky, especially good quality homemade stuff, yum.

Glad Michael's doing better! Thanks for keeping us updated, Henriette.

Actually, what is jerky??

dried spicy meat. Very good as a snack - far better than, say, chocolate bars, protein bars, etc.

Ok, I've posted the latest update, and swapped things around to show the latest news first.

I always wanted to take his herbal medicine training, but then he switched to video, and now he is gone.

you can still do the distance courses ...

I just learned about Micheal Moore in Jan. I am so new to herbal medicine and now he has passed. I'm sorry for all those who knew him. I grateful that he's so revered on this site and others.