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I'm a fan.

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Michael Moore (the herbalist, not the twit) is one of my heroes.

He's funny, generous, kind, and he really knows his herbs and his physiology. From 1992 (or so) I have been amazed by the things he's been writing to various herbal mailing lists and newsgroups. In 1996 I did his "Herb Tools" - a one-week field class in New Mexico and Colorado. And in 1998 I went to his school in Bisbee, Arizona for half a year.
While I did pay him the full price of those classes, I still feel that I owe him lots.

(I also owe lots to a few other folks - Sam, are you out there?)

Of course, Michael has the other largest herbal information site on the net, which is a bit older than mine.

And it used to be, "Michael has added things to his site, I better get busy on mine." Which means that without that little bit of competition my site wouldn't be as large as it is now. (The "life" thing that I acquired a few years ago has put a brake on my webwise productivity.)

So you ask, why this, now, suddenly? Because I like people to get the praise they deserve while they are still around to appreciate it ... although I hope he'll be around for a long time yet.

Three hoorays for Michael!

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