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Nutritious? Whatever.

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Paul whatnot asked in a comment on the goji scam post: "What plant do you feel is Nature's most nutritious food?"

I don't care about most nutritious.

I'm a green herbalist: I tell people to use (and pick!) whichever berry - or fruit - is abundant and tasty in their neck of the woods.

That approach has several benefits:
1) you can't get hoodwinked to hop on bandwagons: you know any fruit (root, leaf, whatever) local to you, or to your garden, much better than any scammer.
2) local is cheap.
3) there's no need to freight exotics halfway across the planet. That's "green" thinking, and it's good for your purse, too.
4) you get exercise and fresh air when you pick things yourself.
5) you know what your pickings are, as you know where and when you got them.
6) you get variety: of course you pick more than one fruit.

The positive effect of #4 in particular can't be overestimated ... it's good for you to go outside, see the sun, catch some rain, and get a breath of fresh air.

As to soy, I refer you to this.

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