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RIP: Michael Moore.

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Michael Moore died 20Feb2009.

He was my teacher, a friend, and an extraordinary herbalist. His posts to various mailing lists were very both funny and informative, and he told truly awful jokes in person.

I honestly expected him to make it - alas, he didn't. He will be sorely missed.

Update: I expect Donna still has enormous hospital bills to pay - Adam Seller wrote to tell me that the hospital bills are covered; that Donna is open to donations to continue Michael's projects; and that Donna, for the moment, needs some rest to be with her grief.

To appreciate Michael you could buy his materia medica CD set, and/or sign up to either or both of his distance courses.

There will be a fundraiser in April in Truth or Consequences.

On another note, and in honor of Michael, I wish to introduce Appreciate a Herbalist Week. Please let at least one herbalist you respect know how much you appreciate them and what they do, and why.

While I think enough of us told that to Michael Moore while he was still among us, there are many herbalists who are all too rarely appreciated.

Let's warm the cockles of their hearts!

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I never personally got an opportunity to meet Michael, but he taught my teacher and his website has been an invaluable repository of information. I am certain that he was a good man and that he will be missed.
Bret C. Duncan

Michael's books inspired me to study herbalism, and are so much responsible for everything I am now.

Years ago, I attended a conference in Arizona that he spoke at. I went to so many chemistry-oriented lectures, with slides of molecular diagrams, tables of placebo-controlled double-blind studies of St. John's Wort vs. Prozac, on and on. Just as I began to think maybe I didn't want to be an herbalist after all, Michael got up on stage. His lecture slides were pictures of . . . . . plants. Thanks for helping me keep the faith, Michael, you showed me the way I could be an herbalist.

Rest in peace-
Micah at Al-Kemi

Through the Alchemical art, we realize our unity with nature.

i am a rabbi and a herbalist i know michael from is books and lectures he will greatly missed for is umbelivible knowledge of plants is way to analize every information his humour and the way he teach everything with wonderfull honesty