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Quick fix: gut cramps

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So you've eaten too much, or halfway bad food, or just rancid fats out of a crisps baggie.

And now you either have that strange green feeling you get from more or less rancid fats, or you have really bad gut cramps.

Just chew on a few caraway seeds if you want to get rid of either. A few fennel or aniseed seeds will do the trick as well. Dill seeds, too.

They work so fast that it's amazing.

If you eat food that makes you unwell because you get strange cravings before menses, help your liver: the cravings will go away, as will the gut cramps, or that weird feeling of feeling weird.
If you eat too much, regularly every xmas (or thanksgiving), well, there is an alternative to piling loads of food onto your plate. I'll let you work out what that might be.

Give these seeds to people around you, too, when they feel unwell; they'll thank you for it, and you'll be known as the one who knows herbs.

How little it takes, eh?

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Fabulous advice which I'll certainly follow when needed.
Your blog will join my favorites!