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Those recent changes ...

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About those recent changes ...

OK, so I moved the blog, and after I did that, I found out that comments, the way things were set up, required "full .html" as the input format, for world+dog.

"Full .html" means that any script kiddie at all could take over my site, if they so wished ...

... oops.
So I set blog comments to be available to registered visitors only, and got an email asking "where'd the blog posts go? Cos all I get is a commenting box..."

That's because the blog subjects ("Those recent changes ...", for this post) don't look like links, even though they are.
Anyway, I disabled blog comments for the time being.

And did a three-day run of adding more pics to the site ... do anything at all but write a book, eh?

And then worked I out a couple things, among them how to actually show the formatting instead of the .html codes, for a few sections of this site. (Like the lower levels of the plant names, and things).

Then, I got an email telling me that my onsite search is slow and while it sometimes does cough up results, more often it does not ...

... so I set the search box to disappear whenever there were more than 50 people onsite at the same time.

And then I got an email asking, well, your blog posts aren't in google yet, and your search isn't available, so how are we going to find your old blog posts?

So I made the search available for logged-in users, and added a note of it in the top left corner to that effect.

And I've figured out how to set things to filtered .html, so I've opened up the comments again, and those of the registered users whom I know (from their name + email address) can comment without that pesky captcha box, and without me having to approve their comments - everybody else has to wait for comment moderation.
Them's the breaks, folks - if you've been active on one of the mailing lists I'm on, but you don't use a handle I recognize, then sorry, you're out in the cold, until you tell me who you are, and why I should know you.

Getting blog posts visible in one long row on the blog page, complete with comments, isn't on my top-priority list right now - that spot is taken by 1) writing the book (in Finnish ...), and 2) adding more of the classic texts.

Comments? Let me hear all about it.
Because you can, again.


"Let me hear all about it."
If it wasn't because of that sentence, I wouldn't have commented, because I don't want to be considered whining...

But recently your site has turned really slow. I don't know if it was since you turned to Drupal (I don't think so), or since you integrated the blog into the main site (maybe).
So I don't know if it's due to your CMS or to your host (I hope it isn't the latter, since I was just considering moving my site that way ;-)!)

It's the search function that's slow yes, but also on plain internal links the site reacts very slow.
When I'm searching for something, I enter my request, than go to another tab in my browser for working on something else, and then I return when the site has finished loading, often after a minute or longer...

Of course this doesn't affect the traffic from 'older' visitors, we know we will get quality, but I suppose first-time visitors will go away to never come back...

Hmmm. I'll give it a good long think.