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More old works: more Ellingwood, more Scudder, and a nice Swedish book.

Even more old texts.

More than half of Vol. 2. of Ellingwood's 1910 "Practice of Medicine" is now up.
And I added the first bits of Scudder's 1898 Materia Medica and Therapeutics. The herbs currently listed will expand mightily: he lists them under each major action, again and again and again and again ... and again.

I also added a very nice Swedish book on growing and using culinary herbs: Kryddor och kryddodling, by Pehr Boierth, 1919. Lovely things. For instance, you can use Crocus vernus like saffron, if you feel so inclined - it works, but is weaker. And you can preserve dill by layering it with salt in a glass jar.