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More pics.

I've uploaded 764 pics, of which 237 are rescans of older photos and 527 are new ones.

Mmm. Photo: Allium schoenoprasum 6. Photo: Drosera rotundifolia 12. Photo: Theobroma cacao 6.


Hi Henriette,

Is there still a way to search just the blog? I had a look the other day and couldn't find it, and I can't always do it on google by site either (sometimes the links just come back to the main blog page).

Also, is access to the site search only for people that register?


I just did a test, and a search for blog whatever gives blog posts which mention whatever - that might not always work, though.
Yes, site search is only for registered users. Here's the blog post about that (and a few other things).

oh, and is there an RSS feed for all the blog comments?

Sorry, I think that one is gone. I might dream up a "latest comments" thing, for the sidebar, though. Hmmm.

Thanks I'll try that.

That link to 'recent-changes' takes me to a page saying "Access denied You are not authorized to access this page." I am logged in.

Shame about the rss comments, that was useful. Lots of people comment your older posts.

Gotcha - currently, things are set up that everybody should see everything at all on site - any "access denied" messages are clear errors in the database.
Thanks for letting me know! and it's fixed now.