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Even more pics.

I've uploaded about 494 pics, of which about 262 are rescans of older photos and about 232 are new ones.

In addition, I added the last images of the DMNA, fixed a few dozen double headers and did a few other minor tweaks.



I liked the old format better. I have not visited in a while. I imagine there are good reasons beyond aesthetics for the change.

Well yes. The main was, no WYSIWYG editor for linux (don't tell me about nvu or kompozer - they don't work. Honest.) And no working virtual win98 for suse 10, either (don't tell me about various vmservers etc. - I tried them all. I don't like to have my win98 stuff in 2 gb file that the rest of the system can't read.)
So that's why there's drupal, which works very nicely indeed.