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Summery stew.

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... also called "Le Meumeu".

This is an extremely complicated dish which will keep you in the kitchen for hours on end, while hungry throngs bang the table with their knife'n'forks, shouting "we want food, we want food, wewantfood wewantfood wewantfood!" ...

... just kidding.

You'll need:
a dash of butter
pepper (black, white, whatever.)
2-5 onions
4-8 tomatoes
2-4 bell or sweet peppers ("paprika", over here)
½ cucumber (the long sort, not the short warty ones) (you can also use the short warty ones (take 2-3), but not if they've been pickled.)

Melt the butter in your pan, add quartered tomatoes (remove the stringy white bits if you can be bothered), add sliced-up onions, add your de-seeded and de-stalked paprikas, cube your cuke(s) and throw then in, too, and add seasonings. You can add cubed apples as well, if you have them, and feel the need.
Once the tomatoes are all juiced up (= things won't burn anymore) you can just let things simmer for 20-30 minutes, after which you can shout "food's on", and anybody who isn't there with a plate pretty damn quick has only him/herself to blame: this is very very very very tasty, and will disappear quite quickly.

I call it "Le Meumeu", cos that's Kitchen French for "mömmö", which means something like "a mess", in Finnish. It's amazing how tasty simple foods cooked simply can be: I keep getting compliments whenever I serve this.