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Sweet flag syrup.

Botanical name: 

The efficient use of leftovers: calamus syrup.

Because I can't let all the sweet flag (Acorus calamus) liquid from making candy go to waste:

Sweet flag syrup

Pour combined water+syrup into pot, boil on low low heat until syrupy...

That "until syrupy" bit is very difficult to judge; I used to use that for years, and ended up with a lot of syrups either too watery (mold within a week) or too strong (crystallize within a week). And messing around with deciliters won't work all that well for syrups.

My current syrup recipe (which makes proper syrups every time) goes: "add 450 g sugar to 200 ml very strong herb tea, let dissolve without boiling, pour into glass jar, close tight lid, label".

Measuring things: 400 ml sugar is 375 g, and takes up 250 ml in volume after it's been dissolved in hot water.

What volume of syrup do I need to end up with, to make a proper syrup, when I use 400 ml sugar? It's (375/450*200)+ 250 ml. Or: I'll need 375 (new weight of sugar in g) / 450 (old weight of sugar in g) * 200 (old end volume in ml) + 250 (volume of the dissolved sugar in ml). That gives me just a teensy bit over 415 ml.

... no, boil on low low heat until you have 415 ml liquid left. Pour into glass jar, close lid tightly, label.
Take 1 tsp as needed as a digestive, or for things like sore throat.

This is tasty. Yum!

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Henriette, you're making my day... I'll have to add links to these pages from my Calamus page... I did, by the way, add a link to your blog just last night...

There's a particular variety that I find at my friend Gary's herb store that I think would be ideal for the candy... it has a real light, uplifting odor... not the heavy oily kind that smells like the essential oil, not the hot spicy kind of the stuff I get from south dakota...

I'll have to try this...