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Spot the animal.

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Photo: Helianthus annuus 18. There is an animal in this pic, but where?

Back in September I found a gorgeous sunflower, watched it for a while, and took this pic. Can you see the animal? It kept getting more and more and more and more yellow... funny thing.


Nice shot of a honeybee macking out on pollen...:)

It's cute and fuzzy and yellow! Yay!

That's a gorgeous photo. I've never managed to take good macros. Then again my camera is about 3 years old.

It's not so much the age of the camera, it's more what lens you use. I took this particular pic with the EOS 300d kit lens (a 18-55 mm digital SLR lens, equivalent to 29-88 mm on a conventional SLR camera). I used to use a 35-70 mm lens with my AE1 program, with which I could also get fairly close to the object.

Ah, there lies the problem, whatever came with the camera is what I'm using. No attachments.

I had a hunch it'd be a pollinating insect, so I tracked it down by following the trail of no pollen plant parts. Cute picture.

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