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Large-leaved tree

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Large fuzzy leaves and an upright brownish seed/flower spike.

It's taken in a church garden in Germany in September, so it's unlikely that those brown things are flowerbuds and likely that they're seedpods, unripe or ripe. Except that they of course can be flowerbuds, as well ...

Here's photos:
Photo: Paulownia tomentosa. Pic: Branches.
Photo: Paulownia tomentosa 1. Pic: Interesting bits.
The tree was labelled Catalpa, but it's unlike all catalpa pics I've seen online. As in, no hanging long bean things. And the leaf of this one has a symmetrical thingy sticking out to the sides, more often than not.

Any of you have a clue? Thanks!


Hi, Henriette

Indeed there is somewhat resemblance with Catalpa, at distance.
But the leaves are not in threes, more velvety and larger.
It is a Paulownia tomentosa.

best regards,


Many thanks, Jan!