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Somebody just emailed that they want to buy my site.

I said "no" of course, but it's great fun to be verbose about it:

"I've been working on my site for more than 10 years. It's for sale for millions, not hundreds of thousands. Of Euros.

Because I want that Lamborghini, the helicopter (including helicopter flight lessons, flight certificates, parking fees, airport fees and fuel for a year or three), the Ferrari and the couple dozen round the world trips, and I want to have and do all that after Finland's prohibitive tax program.

If that's out of your league, well cool - that means I can continue to work on the site for the next few decades. And keep it available to all and sundry for free, without seeing it split up into tiny chunks, without pesky ads plastered all over the place, and without pharmacogiants adding their brand of anti-herbal propaganda to this particular herbal pie.

What I'm saying is, I don't need your money. I've enough money to put potatoes and the occasional steak on the table, and I do this as a hobby, and as a service to herbalists worldwide.

If you still want to load those millions onto the table, feel free - I'll let you know when the stack is tall enough."

That's almost as much fun as when a head hunter calls: "How much are they prepared to pay? Where is this proposed job? Fascinating, so somebody is starting a daughter company here, which of the dozen players on the market did you say it was? Oh, you weren't allowed to say, pity ..." -- and finally, "Oh, no, I'm not interested. I'm doing herbs for a living now, not international transport. But thanks for calling."


Meanwhile my site will continue to be up for sale for the low-low price of $4.95 and a cleverly crafted bit of toast.

This here toast isn't cleverly crafted - unless you count the symmetrical bitemarks, of course. Is that still OK?

We often take such a valuable service as yours for granted and fail to say "Thank you". Most people, especially those who relentlessly pursue money, also fail to recognize that it takes a great human quality called "compassion", to dedicate so much time and effort in providing such a service, not only to herbalists but also to laypersons.

Thankyou Henrietta and "Hauskaa Joulua!".