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Two unidentified plants

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I'm doing more pictures, for the website, and so far there's two plants that I can't identify.

Here's the pics:

1) A yellow shrub, with largish trefoil leaf, and yellow big flowerspikes. It's something between a laburnum (but it's not hanging) and a butterfly bush (but it's yellow, and has those trefoil leaves...)
Photo: Argyrocytisus battandieri. Photo: Argyrocytisus battandieri 1. Pic: Branch with yellow flowers and upstanding flowerbuds.

2) A magnolia-like large flower, and an equally large flowerbud. If they were leafless I'd label them Magnolia sp. and be done with it; as is, they have way too much leaf for magnolias in flower, so what are they?

Photo: Magnolia. Photo: Magnolia 1.

I'm not quite sure that these two are of the same species. I expect they're in the same genus, though. They were growing rather close to each other, in Kew Gardens, in London, in early June.
Many thanks.


I found your website very useful. I live in Argentina I speak spanish.
I have this large pink flowerbud, it is now loosing all the leaves and in winter it has noone leave and lots of flowers... I asked the same you did about if it was a Magnolia, I was told is the nude rose. I also believe is a magnolia is very common here in Buenos Aires Argentina. I will ask more info. Sorry for my english I speak spanish.
Also I breed dogs and find your website triying to looking for natural repelents for insects. Thank you. Hilda

Hi, Henriette
Your yellow flowering shrub is: Cytisus battandieri Maire

The pink ones are Magnolias, but difficult to tell what (Species) or cultivar.
The first (erect one) is looking like a Magnolia liliiflora Desr. (e.g.'Nigra' is a popular cultivar) see one of the small erect sepaloid tepals at the base of the flower

The other one is maybe an other one, I can not tell yet now so more pics please...

best wishes


Many thanks for that, Jan! I've ditched older scans so I'll need to rescan the magnolias.

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